photographer philosophie

With those few words Daniel Gieseke describes his work as a photographer. But those two elements are not the only things which are fascinating for him, further the challenge to capture and even more: influence emotions. Because of that and his interest in people and their characters, portrait-photography was the best choice. Due to the constantly changing projects and their requirements, the way to a good photo is never the same. On the other hand, his goal remains the same: "to capture people in an impressive kind of way". This is precisely the challenge Daniel Gieseke seeks in his work and his enthusiastic search for new ideas.

Photographer Daniel Gieseke

As a hobby, Daniel Gieseke began 1999 with an internship for a portrait- and advertising-photographer. Later he followed his passion with a graphic- and photography-study in Hanover. 2004 he completely concentrated on photo-graphy and made it his main profession.

Today Daniel Gieseke works internationally as a photographer for commercial and private clients. In Germany, he operates in the following cities: Hamburg, Berlin, Frankfurt, Munich & Düsseldorf. His priorities are fashion-, portrait- and advertising-photography.